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Day-to-day gratitudes and accomplishments in the life of Joelle Duran
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My Heartfelt Gratitude...

With the coming of 2014, time has brought me to seven years since the most devastating year of my life, though its shadow still hangs over me every hour of every day. My gratitude to those who could spare the time to show me kindness and compassion during those horrific months can only increase! If it were not for those who were so caring as to follow along with my daily life in shouts_of_joy, keep me in their prayers, or take the time for an encouraging e-mail, note, or phone call... I would not be here now, nor would I have lived to finish the greatest achievement of my life in the writing of all five Geren books, written my three novellas, or completed my seventh and eighth novels, The Chronicles of Delarun and The Fourth Emissary. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kindness and decency!

What to say? I'm Christian, determined to be forever single, and thirty-eight years old. I've a great love for God's creation, and I've loved fantasy and fantasy stories since I discovered The Lorax and The Hobbit as a kid. Now I'm long out of college and out of debt, and I'm working a good job in the 'real world,' with one Bengal cat, and a small horde of houseplants sharing my home.

Being the contrary sort that I am, not only do I want to get collections of icons that break no copyright laws...I also want a journal that's just for positives! Quite enough bitching and ranting out on the web; here is the utter opposite.

I've been posting here regularly for over seven years now, and most of my entries are about the daily joys of things I've seen, experienced, or accomplished. (I try to spare the world the disturbing experience of continual gushes about t'DoL.)

So that's what is in this journal. Happy gurgles, thankful blathering, grateful gushing...just burbles of delight as this lover of sorrow expresses her joy.

"Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy!"
Psalm 126:5

My passion in life revolves around a set of five books comprising a huge fantasy story, of which I've finally finished writing the fifth. As for writing itself...I hate it. The only reason I can make myself write is because my love for the characters in my stories (primarily The Defender) is strong enough to overwhelm that dislike. If my love for him ever dies, then I shall write no more...but I'm not worried about that happening! February of 2013 brought me to the twentieth anniversary of when I first started drawing a man with wings bright-hued like a parrot's and wondered who he was... Now I'm more insane about him, and all his world, than ever. It has been quite a momentous 'chase,' and I look forward to where my pen will take me.

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Anything Goes in 2014
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Bastion: Book Five of the Collegium Chronicles by Mercedes Lackey I love Valdemar 1st
The Skin Map by Stephen R Lawhead Heard about these from my dad 1st
The Bone House by Stephen R Lawhead Enjoyed the first one 1st
The Spirit Well by Stephen R Lawhead Enjoyed the first two 1st
The Wolf Dog by Walt Morey Craving winter stories Nth
Snow Dog by Jim Kjelgaard Craving winter stories Nth
The Shadow Lamp by Stephen R Lawhead Enjoyed the first three 1st
A Wolf Story by James Byron Huggins Craving winter stories Nth
The Call of the Wild by Jack London Craving winter stories Nth
White Fang by Jack London Craving winter stories Nth
The Wolf King by Joseph Wharton Lippincott Craving winter stories Nth
Broken-down House by Paul David Tripp Received as gift 1st
The Book of Revelation by Matt Dorff (Adapter), Chris Koelle (Illustrator), Mark Arey and Philemon Sevastiades (Translators) How could I resist a graphic novel of my favorite book of the Bible? 1st

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