Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

This morning I'm grateful for:

     The gobs of editing I got done yesterday. My brain was turning to mush by the end of it (and my spine wasn't happy either), but it was worth it. Did a verbal edit of all of 'Vigil' and got through three chapters of book 3, taking me past the halfway point. Yeehaw!

     After fighting with Poser far too much of the day yesterday, and leaving it on overnight to accomplish precisely nothing (because it has crashed but wouldn't tell me that) I am grateful that I a) did not smash my computer to pieces ;) and b) I finally figured out this morning why it was refusing to render despite everything I tried--some little box got clicked somehow that I know better than to click. At last today I can move forward with my internal 'Vigil' illustration. And here I was wondering why the software had taken to a sudden hatred of Heruvael!

     Sleeping pills are marvelous. Made it past 6 am this morning, thanks to that--which sure beats the 4:30 am I wasn't able to sleep beyond Saturday morning!
Tags: book 3: editing, vigil
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