Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

Some 'bigger' gratitudes to ponder today, cued off by a new person finding the summer-SAD community on LJ (which has been a big blessing to me this year).

     Hearing her story makes me very, very grateful that I live where I do. I have long considered most of the U.S. south of me as 'uninhabitable,' before I had the slightest knowledge of summer seasonal affective disorder. Now with the knowing and research I've done in the past months, I am even the more grateful that I live as far north as I do. I can cope better, and have to endure a shorter summer than some of those poor summer-SAD sufferers that live to the south.

     I'm also very grateful for this year's 'reprieve.' It ends this week, and I'll have to give up and move my bed to the floor in a day or two, but I am very grateful to have such a late start to the most brutal portion of the summer, which of course makes it all the shorter a wait until September. Also grateful for the extra pounds I'm carrying, which gives me a bigger 'buffer' to wear off before I hit underweight levels.

     And on the smaller, daily side of things, chapter 22 of book 3 brings me past the 2/3rds mark. Chugging right along!
Tags: book 3: editing
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