Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

Ah, so wonderful to have a weekend, especially after the unpleasantness of this last workweek.

     Glad my excitement with Netflix had a good ending. I mailed my last Netflix dvd on Monday. Generally, it only takes one day for it to go the 10 miles from St Paul to Minneapolis. But not this one! On Thursday I still hadn't received an e-mail saying they'd gotten it, and of course I couldn't get the next dvd until they did. So I reported it as lost and told them when and from where I mailed it. Then, on Friday, they sent me an e-mail saying that it had finally arrived. A double yay--first that it wasn't lost and they won't think I stole it, and second--I got the next dvd today, so I get to enjoy episodes on my birthday weekend after all!

     Yesterday was the summer solstice...which means from today forward the nights are getting longer. Hip, hip, HURRAH!! (And thanks to the sleeping pill, I had a good night of sleep last night =)

     Getting birthday wishes on the Windstone Forum from seventeen different members...and it isn't even the 22nd yet! That place has been such a blessing over the last year.

Time to edit another book 3 chapter, then enjoy some episodes...all in the name of procrastinating on cleaning the fish tank!

Tags: netflix, windstone ed
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