Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

Yesterday was pretty nice, if a bit rushed:

     Went to the zoo for three hours in the morning and enjoyed the Minnesota exhibit being quite empty and the butterfly house...because the entire mob was at the new 'Russia's Grizzly Coast.' I'm so glad I didn't go on a weekend! Of course a visit would be incomplete without enjoying the bird show as well. =)

     A mess with the dentist that wound up turning out wonderful. When I got back from the zoo there was the reminder message on my phone, whereupon I abruptly realized the appointment had been on Tuesday, not Monday, and I'd taken the wrong day off! Thank God, when I called, they had a spot for me in the middle of the afternoon...and when I went I got the dentist himself (who's known me since I was 4 or 5 or so) and wound up getting a free sonic toothbrush (worth about $70-90) because it was the last of a discontinued make and he wants me to try it. Talk about a splendid unbirthday birthday present!

     A lovely comment from Shanra on 'Insults' that now has given me the urge to write another Black Prince pov piece someday...see if anything comes of that...

     And a lovely pair of comments from Christina on 'Vigil' that sparked something new for me. My brain's been chewing over it since then, and I think it will have to have a part in my 'Power among the races essay' as well as be a plot point in the Triune novels. YAY for questions that make me consider something I'd never considered before!

     Got to use my gift card from my brother and sister-in-law at Chipotles...and they sell Nantucket Nectars there! Like I could resist adding one of those to the order! So, sooooo good.

     Last but not least, my slow yet steady editing progress has brought me to the point where I have only three chapters left!
Tags: chipotle, essay: patr, freebie, insults and arguments, vigil
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