Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

Today I'm glad for:

     Painkillers. I got a heat-induced headache partly through the night Tuesday morning (it was even in my dreams) and I was glad to be able to squelch it instead of dragging it around all day.

     The realization that I have had hardly any light-induced headaches this spring/summer, compared to some years. I don't know why, but thank God for the reprieve!

     The fun of bringing in treats for my coworkers to celebrate my birthday, and having them be much enjoyed (as well as triggering conversations of beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, where the pastries came from).

     I'm glad the brutal above-average temps took until June 24th to hit! Today's going to be ghastly as well...but I'm grateful it delayed this long.
Tags: job: other
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