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Hot and heavy hump-day made me grateful for:

     Air conditioning! I haven't mentioned that most wondrous of human inventions lately, have I? Well, wonderful and precious and priceless it is indeed!

     How full though in some ways fast this year has been. Beth's lovely comments on 'Allegiance' brought that to mind...since I finished it over three months ago, yet in many ways it feels like half a year already. It's been full in a good way, and I'm glad for it.

     Got through a milestone last evening--finishing the first run-through of my third book! But I need a break (and to work through the tedious editing list) before I start in on the verbal edit/chapter pdfs. Since I keep opening book 4 when I mean to open book 3, I'm letting myself go there for a bit. But it feels good to be through the first lap, and before July!

     After that, I rewarded myself with 'The Great Slinky Race.' My coworker Dawn made me a copy and put it at the end of the very-long-in-the-works Christmas-themed VHS she did for me. I had a blast watching it last night, and shall certainly cherish it in the future!
Tags: allegiance, book 3: editing
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