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A lovely Saturday...

     Unsurprisingly, considering all the birthday food that came my way this week, my weight was up when I got on the scale this morning. Almost a pound higher! Which is a nice 'break' from the slow summertime descent.

     I have been looking forward to this weekend for a while, and for one reason: Pixar's Wall-E. Got to see it today, and greatly enjoyed myself. Who besides Pixar could make a cockroach cute?!

     Weekends are wonderful because they bring extra time for stuff: in this case, finally finishing naming my zoo photos from Monday. I also uploaded a few, in case anyone was interested:
     Bluejay at the bird feeder in the Minnesota Trail
     Swan family out on the small lake
     A grizzly at the new exhibit who was really enjoying the water AND all the attention

I also uploaded a bunch of butterfly photos from the butterfly garden. I'm tempted to go back sometime this summer because it was so gorgeous in there...and my prior trips to the zoo had been in spring/fall/winter when it wasn't open.

     Having far too much fun with book 4 reading/editing today, best remind myself there ARE other things on my to-do list! =)

Tags: birds: other, book 4: editing, movies, photos
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