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Today I am grateful for space heaters.

     Zero degrees out there, with a -9 wind chill, just like Tuesday. But unlike Tuesday, I knew in advance and used the space heater to dry my hair a little.

     Made for a much more enjoyable walk to the bus than having wet and freezing hair--I didn't even need to use my scarf. It was beautiful this morning: the fresh snow from yesterday's delightful snow showers glittered under the street lights like shattered diamonds or fairy dust, chill glittering pastel iridescence. In the east was the predawn light, the sky a dozen shades of blue ranging to aqua and even dusty olive green along the horizon, though by the time I reached the bus stop, it had yielded to dull gold and tan-orange. But low in the west was the full moon, yellow, swathed in thin shining clouds as though it too were cold, and had wrapped itself in blankets of gleaming silk.

     A beautiful morning. And I enjoyed it all the more due to the space heater my parents gave me when they moved away.

     So today I'm thankful for their generosity, and for God's, who never stints with the lavish beauties of His creation.
Tags: skyscapes, snow
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