Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

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Pleasant to have a slower-paced weekend.

     I slept past 6 with the sleeping pill, eeee!

     Sometimes it's nice to be late on the bandwagon. In this case, not reading Garth Nix's Old Kingdom Trilogy until this year meant I was able to buy the three paperbacks for 99 cents plus shipping on eBay. Nice!

     I finally quit procrastinating and got my budget sorted out after my pay raise that started this month. And I am very, very happy with the milestone my giving has now reached!

     Also kicked off my book 3 verbal editing run/making pdfs for reading. Nice to have that ball rolling!

     Beyond that, all my burbling here has brought me to my 400th post. =)
Tags: book 3: editing, books, soj
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