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Today I'm glad for...

     Finally getting out of 'check.' At least of late, it's felt like I've been in 'check' in a chess game, ever since June 17th when the filter at my company abruptly decided to classify LiveJournal as a 'dating site.' *spithisssnarl* Creating a 'dummy' start page (with my LJ sidebar image) that had all my links I use on LJ was the simplest part of the affair...but getting all my writing resources, anniversary essays, Triune stuff, and stories from LJ to work was another matter entirely, thanks to the overly-hyper security at my job. So after many hours of work, and many potential strategies crushed, at last, at last, success.

     Got a gift from Christi in the mail Monday--a gift card to Cracker Barrel--and she's taking me! Eeeeeeeeee! (In case this isn't already apparent, Cracker Barrel is me favorite restaurant ;)

     Also got a lovely birthday card in the mail from Shanra--thanks so much, my dear! *hugs*

     Monday evening was a delicious treat--yet another 'birthday meal,' this one with the Johnson's, long-time family friends who I dog-sat/house-sat for years and years ago (I wrote a good chunk of 'Hu-Hov's Debut' at their place in 1999 and won't forget that). Homemade food, including homemade blueberry muffins--so wonderful! (It's been too long since I've had my mom's muffins.) And wonderful conversation as well, and enjoying their beautiful garden and hearing of how things have gone much better since a very difficult period in their lives. Just a treat...and did I mention the leftovers Linda gave me? =D
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