Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

Work was insane today, but life's been going pretty good...

     The nice thing about days as brutally hot as yesterday (Tues) is that I was able to leave the air on the entire night. Made for a fairly delicious sleep...

     Enhanced by the fact that t'DoL was in my dreams! Eeee! A bit 'larger' of an appearance than I've had in a while. (Now if only I hadn't been so busy at work I'd had time to take a few notes!)

     My new camera that I ordered from Amazon on June 12 shipped! This is a treat, since I was afraid I might have to wait until August.

     It was cooler today, and pretty cloudy in the afternoon, which made for a nice walk home.

     After waiting impatiently since my birthday...they finally emptied the dumpster. Boy does it feel nice to get to clear out the accumulated boxes from birthday packages or other things I've ordered. And I can finally start on clearing out fish tank stuff as well. Hurrah for dumpster space! ;P

     Happiness seventh PoadTM!
Tags: beloved, dreams, poads(tm)
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