Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

Hurrah for three-day weekends! Hurrah!

     My first gratitude actually has to do with work. I have to cover film developing when Shelley is off, and since she's worked for the company for so long, boy does she have a LOT of vacation time to spend. So I've been doing a bit of film processing over the last month or so. What I am glad for is that I am finally getting used to the new location. After spending 6-7 years doing part of the routine in the dark in the old building, it was very hard for my brain to adjust to doing things in the dark in a new room. I am glad I am finally getting a 'feel' for where everything is.

     I'm grateful for a decent night of sleep that lasted almost to 6:30, thanks to the sleeping pill.

     Also glad for a cool morning--it gave me something that resembled energy, so I could sweep the sidewalk before it got sunny over there, and clear out/throw out a bunch of aquarium stuff.

     My mom is spending a whole day getting herself from California to New York for a wedding this it was a treat getting a phone call from her this morning as she was waiting for her first of three flights. She printed out my newest book 4 chapters so she'll have them as a diversion on her flights. =)

     Last but not least, wonderful to have my terrarium looking so lush!
Tags: book 4: readers, flowers, job: work, photos
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