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This three-day weekend has sure been nice...

     On July 4th I was remembering a year ago--the last day of my mom's visit. So I had to emulate her and get the classical station on for some patriotic fare. It was wonderful hearing 'Fanfare for the Common Man' and especially 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic.'

     Also fun to get more phone calls from my mom as she switched between flights. She got to read some new book 4 chapters and told me how tiny the plane for her last flight was.

     The treat for Saturday morning was kicking off a short story--the Tamaresh one second from the bottom on 'What's cooking...' I'd love to get more written today, but right now I'm too hot to think. Still, quite grateful and happy for any progress, especially in July!

     Also pleased to have completed my 'experiment' this weekend (more on that later) and to have made great progress with book 3 verbal edits, though book 4 keeps distracting me. Staying right on my daily 'quota' perfectly!
Tags: book 3: editing, book 4: readers, twilit wind
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