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Today I'm happy for:

     Work not being as bad as I'd anticipated. 2 of the 3 fiche scanners were gone, but I'd forgotten that Kyle (who works full-time when he's not taking classes) could fill in one of those gaps. Wonderful, since it meant I could spend gobs of time doing Shelley's work, and even some of my own, and not feel the need to 'clone' myself to also cover for Kathy or Nancy.

     So...I found out the work filter lets me reach my LJ bio page again. (Yippee!) I noticed the number count in 'messages' had gone up and clicked on it, to have the filter inform me it was 'instant messaging.' Then I clicked on my friends page to have the filter inform me it was 'dating/social.' Just had to shake my head and chuckle...but still, I might be able to read stories/snippets on lunch now, if I know it's posted and I navigate there without using my friends page...

     My new camera arrived in the mail today! There are a dismaying number of buttons, knobs and dials on it, so I know I'm going to be spending some quality time with the user's manual before I go have fun. I'm looking forward to trying out my stronger zoom. =)

     Last but definitely not least: I am grateful for the wonderfulness of being able to track plane flights on the internet. My mom, as I type this, is somewhere over Oklahoma, heading home--this airline actually gives me a map as well!
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