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Today's goodies:

     Keeping my money in my pocket! My cat Shado should be classified as a venomous serpent, or such was my thought on Tuesday, when the what-seemed-trivial cat bite on the top of my hand got pussy and was surround by a circle of inflammation. Fortunately, the infection receded since then, and today I can declare myself out of the woods...for which I'm glad, as one trip to the doctor for infected cat bites is quite enough!

     'The Taco House'--which is apparently connected to my beloved Boca Chica, located kitty-corner to that restaurant, and serving some of the same food in a fast-food fashion. My coworker Kathy had a craving for their tacos, so she and I drove out there and brought back delicious plunder for a bunch of us. Mmmmmm, but I so love their cheese enchiladas!

     And, tomorrow is Friday!
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