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I'm glad it's cooler today, and less humid, after yesterday's 90-plus temps (32 C) with a torrid dew point of 72 (22 C) or so. (Any day in which condensation forms on my hands when I step outside is a bad day!) It made for one simply horrendous walk home...but the weekend is due to be comparatively pleasant, before the next hot streak kicks in on Monday.

     Also glad for the opportunity to work overtime today (Saturday). Put in five hours, though I wasn't quite prepared for how warm it was in there--thank goodness for my coworkers who use fans that I could borrow!

     Things are proceeding nicely with book 3 verbal edits--less than 10 chapters left now, and on target to be done next Saturday. I can't wait!

     Last but not least--any day in July in which I manage a little bit of writing, is a good day indeed!
Tags: book 3: editing, job: coworkers, job: work, overtime, twilit wind
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