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Torrid Tuesday had some bright spots:

     The data from my and Corey's overtime Saturday got restored! Yippee! I had not been optimistic since the last time it happened they tried and tried and completely failed. Ah, it feels wonderful.

     It was a disgusting 90 F/32 C for getting home yesterday, which makes me very grateful that the bus did not break down. The transmission was acting up something awful and jarring us around, so it wasn't looking good at times. Phew!

     Feels good to be getting things underway with my 'power among the races' essay. Got the framework laid out in my Triune community, and the introduction up. All ready to start plugging away in earnest once book 3 verbal edits are done.

     Speaking of which, only five chapters left! =D
Tags: book 3: editing, bus, essay: patr, job: work, triune: misc
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