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Shouts · of · Joy

Some highlights in the last few days...…

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Some highlights in the last few days...

     Got to see my friend Christi on Wednesday; she brought her new baby into work and her coworkers had fun passing him around. It was great to see her.

     Yesterday was payday, and a party we were invited to by the Individual Life Department, celebrating Implementation--cookies and hot apple cider and there was this hilarious skit about 'A Day in the Life of a Fiche Reader.' We all got bags at the end with stuff in them. The chocolate coins won't last long, but I know I'll cherish the diazo, especially since I know my coworker Shelley did the microfilming for it.

     And a lovely walk to the bus stop yesterday in which it was -9 outside with a wind chill of -17. Too cold for wearing a skirt, that's for certain! It's currently -8 (-22 C) out as I type this, with an expected high of -2 today. I'm savoring this cold snap, because it has been terribly long since winter proved its name here in Minnesota. (I'm also savoring the blessing of having heat and electricity--feels a bit more precious now!)

     Last but not least, I'm grateful for an opportunity to learn. My boss got me and a couple coworkers the Adobe Acrobat Professional software because of a new service our department is going to provide. And here's my chance to learn a very expensive and very useful software. I'm excited--my company doesn't offer classes, so I'm going to have to teach myself.

     And of course I'm still happy I finally got my music post finished and open to the world, after months of delay. My thanks to those of you that listened!
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