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Monday again...

     And here I thought I used up my monthly quota of crazy Mondays at work last week! The good news is that Bob flew out from the east coast to fix our machine that broke last Thursday--and give instructions so if it happens again, he won't have to get on a plane to fix it! It will be very nice to have all three fiche scanners operational again. VERY nice. (The alternative would likely have been overtime every workday AND weekend.)

     Nothing like spending hours frantically looking for something to finally find it under my nose. My consolation--my boss put almost as much work into the search/brainstorming effort as I did, and at least I laid eyes on it first... ;P

     Happy to have finished the second section of my 'Power Among the Races' essay: 'The Biological Attributes of Power and Inheritance.' Whew. Never mind my brain's so worn out by the heat I made a boatload of really stupid blunders. At least I got to play with Punnett squares! And it should all be downhill and easier from here on out!
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