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Treats for hump-day:

     It was a cooler night than I've seen in a while, so I could run the fan all night. It was sweet having my sleep punctuated by birdsong, especially the cardinal, around 5 am.

     I do believe today set my record for the longest weekly planning meeting I've ever been in--1 hour and 25 minutes! Kinda shows how crazy things currently are at work, but what a pleasant way to make nearly half my afternoon fly by!

     Best of the lot, I finished my Tamaresh story this evening--'On the Twilit Wind.' (Thanks in part to the radio playing Tamaresh's song while I was driving home from food shopping last evening--the breakthrough blessing I needed!) I LOVE crossing things off at my 'What's cooking...' page! =D
Tags: birds: other, job: work, twilit wind, what's cooking
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