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Shouts · of · Joy

Treats for hump-day:      It was a cooler…

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Treats for hump-day:

     It was a cooler night than I've seen in a while, so I could run the fan all night. It was sweet having my sleep punctuated by birdsong, especially the cardinal, around 5 am.

     I do believe today set my record for the longest weekly planning meeting I've ever been in--1 hour and 25 minutes! Kinda shows how crazy things currently are at work, but what a pleasant way to make nearly half my afternoon fly by!

     Best of the lot, I finished my Tamaresh story this evening--'On the Twilit Wind.' (Thanks in part to the radio playing Tamaresh's song while I was driving home from food shopping last evening--the breakthrough blessing I needed!) I LOVE crossing things off at my 'What's cooking...' page! =D
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On July 24th, 2008 10:44 am (UTC), hyarmi_records commented:
I hope so too! On my end, I did, but most of it was spent talking in circles due to the person who's getting promoted out of the department (in Greg's area) and the huge gap he's leaving behind.

Do I hear somebody complaining? =D
You can read Shadowe now whenever you'd like, since you got far enough with book 4 that it won't spoil anything for you.

I won't let you read the races essay until it is done. My brain is fried and I keep thinking of things I left out, or contradicted something else with.

As for Tamaresh, family members can read if they're interested, but I'm not putting it up online. Just give me a few days to edit it, since I know last's nights portion is really rough.