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Hurrah for a weekend!

     Following up my July 8th post, my commissioned piece by Nambroth is already complete and soon to be heading my way. Black wolves plus wings plus pine forest = delighted Joelle. =D

     I'm glad that at least ONE day of the workweek this week did not have a single crisis. That was Thursday. Apparently my boss being out and Greg going to a funeral on Friday was summons for all chaos to break lose. IDM Find was down, HPII was not running, we were having trouble accessing some fileshares, e-mail was staggering, and the internet connection was acting up...I picked up my phone to call down to paper scanning to see if they were surviving it--and my phone was dead! At that point, I was so ready for the power to go out next *laughs* I won't be forgetting this Friday quickly! At least it didn't last too long, though it probably felt a decade to the poor paper scanners.

     Human ingenuity is a wonderful thing. I thought for sure somebody somewhere must have invented a walking stick/camera tripod, and so it was. It came in the mail yesterday, so now I'll have the support I need for the big zoom on my new camera when I'm out in a wild paradise somewhere.

Last but not least, Dune Lolcats captions = love (If you haven't read the book/seen the movie(s) don't even try to figure it out.)
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