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Eep, the weekend's over already!

     I was having a hard time getting even one quarter of my lunch down my throat the beginning of last week, so I'm grateful I was able to get some cheap tv dinners for $1 each and have those on my lunches. Paid off, since my weight held steady instead of dropping like it did the week before. I'm also grateful for different levels of summer-coping strategies than I can fall back on at need.

     So tired today I couldn't do much of anything, but at least I could do the tedious editing-checks on the four hyarmi stories and 'Pranks,' preliminary to kicking off editing work this coming week. Nice to have that ball a-rolling.

     Also very grateful for the local significance of July 27th--the day in which the average highs start to DROP! Hurrah! Thank God! At last!!!
Tags: final circuit, hu-hov's debut, master-stone's warder, pranks, reunion

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