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Made it through hump-day!

     I should declare a moratorium on thinking for myself in July henceforward. ;) I was getting the probabilities and Punnett squares uploaded onto LJ for the 'biology' section of my 'Power among the Races' essay last evening when I realized I had overlooked something with my calculations for the hyarmi side of things. I'm very glad for the discovery, however appallingly slow I was at reaching it, since it ties in beautifully with a line in 'Hu-Hov's Debut.' It all makes sense now, and I just love providential coincidences like that!

     Glad it didn't get quite as hot as forecasted today, since this heat wave is now predicted to stretch through the weekend. Grateful as well that I made it to nearly the end of July before hitting something this prolonged and nasty.

     Happy to actually get something done this evening (progress on the avarii section of the essay) after a couple non-productive nights of little besides reading/browsing. Helps relieve the frustration of the things I want to do but have no energy to attempt.

     And, very likely related to the above, I'm thankful that this evening came without headache or weird dizzy fit. Nice. =)
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