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Another weekend gone...

     Shanra mentioned recently that I haven't mentioned my cats recently, so... On Saturday morning Arun decided to steal my chair in my computer room (a surefire way to get my attention) and since we were playing the 'Who stole MY chair?' game, I decided to get some pictures as well.

Arun talks back on the chair-stealing issue

A few days earlier, got him enjoying my summer bed
(actually, that's him doing part of his 'beached whale' impersonation, also a way to get my attention, though it cracks me up when I realize he's been doing it behind my back for minutes on end to no avail)

Shado in the kitchen
(my new camera is wonderful because I can rarely get close to Shado for a good shot, but thanks to the great zoom and flash, I got that picture even though I was by the chair Arun had stolen and he was watching from the kitchen)

     Sunday was a great day. It was cloudy the entire day, which gave me more energy, particularly in the morning, instead of feeling like the sun was trying to burn my brains out. Also, I made great progress on my 'Power Among the Races' essay and finished the avarii section. Loads of fun digging up details on the ins and outs of shape-changing that have been lodged in my skull since college. Three parts done, three to go!
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