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It's been a year and a half in the making, but that only makes it the more wonderful to me!

     My bitterest lesson in my years since joining Elfwood has been the painful learning that most people's words, commitments, promises, mean nothing to them--little more than the warm air coming out of their mouths.

     So when I find an exception to that ghastly trend, it stands out all the more brightly.

     Today I'm speaking of Rebecca. Back in the summer of 2005, I got 50th comment on her art page. She offered to draw me a picture; I asked for one of my mages, and we settled on Tarek--her favorite.

     He gave her no end of trouble, yet she never threw it aside, or forgot, or let it slip. She's in college now; she doesn't come around and read Becca's, Alyssa's, or my writing like she used to. But she still remembered that Tarek picture.

     This week she posted the line art of the picture on her DeviantArt page. It's not done yet--she hasn't started the coloring. But I am amazed and touched and just overall massively impressed that she's stuck with it as she has. Against the sordid darkness of fickleness and faithlessness and empty words, her action stands brighter than the most fiery of diamonds.

     I'm so impressed--I want to be like that.

     ((The small print: If you've like to see and/or comment on the picture, you can go to her LiveJournal and access it from the link there. You can't comment on the actual picture at DeviantArt unless you're a member there. She's also done a great picture of Alyssa's character Lorannon at her Elfwood page.))

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