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Shouts · of · Joy

A pretty good Sunday too...      Very happy…

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A pretty good Sunday too...

     Very happy to get 'unstuck' with my Races essay, which I'd been stuck on since last Sunday. Just skipped over the part that's giving me trouble and wrote the rest of the human section--and passed the 15,000 word mark in the process! This essay's certainly significantly longer than my avarii and hyarmi ones. Now if I can just conquer the sticky part, I'll be off to section five, which is the one I'm most excited about writing (book 5 spoilers galore!)

     Happy to have a nice long phone-call with my mom, even if she was making me quite green in the face with all that she got to see on her trip to Monterey with her friend Cindy that she got back from late Friday--dolphins, sea otters, porpoises, humpback whales, and albatrosses in the wild, oh my! Nice to start doing some planning for my Christmas vacation.
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On August 19th, 2008 12:00 am (UTC), silvanime commented:
Certainly something to look forward to over Christmas! I'd love to see some sea otters.

And congratulations on getting some more writing done.
On August 19th, 2008 01:29 am (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
I think only the grey whales might be around in the winter, and when we went to Montery in December of 2006, it wasn't the best month for any whale-watching. I did much enjoy the one wild sea otter I saw then, though it can't compare to my mom being in the kayak and having them pop up all around her! =) We might go to San Diego this time, depending on plans and plane tickets and all.

Thanks! It's nice to have essays and editing to plug away at whilst I wait for 'writing season' to begin again.