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     The amusement of a confused coworker leaving a frantic voicemail on my work phone at 7:30 pm Sunday night...because she thought it was 7:30 AM Monday morning and she was late for work! (Naps are dangerous ;)

     The HUGE beetle the size of a baby turtle another (bug-petrified) coworker of mine saw on her lunch I went out with her on afternoon break and it was still there--but just 1.5 inches long (@ 4cm). Big, but hardly King Kong!

     So Nancy's machine jammed again (as it did last Thursday) and the screwdriver I brought to work against that event got used again...but this time Corey couldn't unjam it. Hence, we're both bringing needle-nosed pliers to work today (in case one of us forgets). I was teasing that we might as well bring our entire toolkit next--then we agreed what we should bring next is a hammer. It will at least be the most emotionally rewarding thing to wield against that machine! =D

     And a little bit of progress on the portion of the essay that had me stuck last Sunday. Chugging away...
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