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The goodies of late:

     It is such a rewarding thing to go in with a gob of people on the Windstone Forum and buy something for someone who's going through hard times. Such a treat to read about their shocked delight when something they've wanted for years shows up on their doorstep!

     Also passed the 1,000 comment mark over there. I've been looking forward to that milestone for a while.

     Fingers crossed, but it looks like my role with the testing project at work is essentially complete. It was giving me a bit of concern this summer, for one since July-August is the time of the year I have the lowest 'IQ,' thanks to months of poor sleep brought on by summer, it's just much harder to do anything challenging like that. For second, here my boss was setting me at software I've hardly touched in years, and never received official training on, just the 'sink or swim' sort. I am very, very grateful that the upgrade had no real big changes, and no real big bugs. And now the documentation's all updated and polished so that the next person who has to 'sink or swim' will be floundering less than I was!

     Got a surprise comment from my mom on 'Pranks' that I put up last week. =)

     Got a gift of a bag of three-way popcorn from Dawn, because I went out to the Farmer's Market with her over lunch today (helped her pick out flowers for her father's grave). Very sweet of her. (Got myself some yummy fresh green beans, too.) And she bought Corey some Swedish Fish at the candy store, so I learned about a new variety of candy (to me anyway) as well!

     Best of all, great progress with my Races essay this week. Finished the human/general section, added a little to the Biology section, and passed the 20,000 word mark!
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