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Good stuff...

     A treat to get a comment from Christina on 'Pranks' as well! I'd expected my 'new' old stuff might stay bare-bottomed and commentless for years even, so it was a delight to have some visitors to that story. =)

     Today was the day--annual booster shots/check-up for the cats. I am very happy that Shado's heart murmur has gotten no worse, still a 4 as it was the last two years, and no signs of congestive heart failure. Arun...well he'd had a really bad landing earlier in the week, and was favoring his leg still. So I'm glad that x-rays showed no bone damage. I was also amused by the vet technician giving him his first pill on my behalf--the first time he spat it up, and the second and third time it went flying off before it hit the back of his throat! I took the warning and bought myself a 'pill gun.' $3 doesn't matter much with a vet bill of $250! Very glad that things weren't worse for either of them.

     Trying not to get too excited until it's in my hands, but I think I got a part for my 15th anniversary project that I was afraid I'd have to search for for weeks or even months. Yippee!

     I'm very grateful to Netflix today. I watched 'The Abyss' this afternoon, and I just might have myself a new favorite movie...definitely in the top ten. Any movie that can get me to weep for joy, wonder, amazement, and longing is an astoundingly wonderful one, in my book.

     Last but definitely not least--deliciously cool today, like the September that is coming. And yay--my countdown is now less than a month! I'll be back to sleeping well and maybe even sleeping in my bed before this baby hits zero!

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