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Sunday was long and lovely. I got on the 8:00 am bus (the earliest bus) and got to the Minnesota State Fair at 8:30. I came back via the 7:30 pm bus, and got home after 8.

     It was a beautiful day (middle 50's and breezy at first, so I wore a windbreaker in the beginning). Not a cloud in the sky, which eventually reminded me I'd forgotten sunscreen! (And a great turnout of 183,528, according to the website.)

     I had great fun trying out my new camera. It:
Did great indoor shots of flower arrangements with no flash
Was great fun with the zoom outdoors making a far-off duck seem close
Was even more delightful during the raptor show, with a caracara and an eagle.
Rose to the occasion with the zoom in poor indoor lighting (and I love the coloring of that horse!)

     Had fun with science at a presentation with 'Clancy,' one of the three mercury-detecting dogs in the world (the other two are in Sweden).

     I also had great fun with my stomach--potato skins with sour cream and chives, the obligatory corn dog, mozzerella sticks, honey lemonade, roasted corn on the cob, strawberry-banana smoothie, Sweet Martha's cookies, and deep-fried cheese curds...I should probably not eat the rest of the week!

     Non-food purchases--I hear Ecuador Manta (Ecuadorian/South American flavored music and instruments) every year when I go to the raptor show, and every year I'm terribly tempted to get another cd from them. This year I succumbed, because they put out some cd's with English titles and descriptions--and they had one that focused on Ecuadorian panpipes! I quite enjoyed listening to it while driving around Monday.

     Monday was my recoup day. I'd been meaning to go for weeks but overtime had thrown it off--finally headed up to the half-price book store to sell a few things and buy a few more. Got a few books on my reading list that are not available in the county library system (and others that are but I want to add to my own collection)...then later in the afternoon picked up a few I'd requested through the library, and cleared up the book marked overdue (they'd shelved it without scanning it in, whew!).

     Back to the grind Tuesday--but two four-day workweeks in a row are going to feel quite nice!
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