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Shouts · of · Joy

Hump-day happiness!      The sunrise this…

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Hump-day happiness!

     The sunrise this morning was simply incredible. It was a dark sunrise, as though it took place in the middle of the night, or the sun had been turned down with a dimmer switch. That was because it was raining, and there was lightning flickering across the sky even while the clouds were eerily underlit with purple-red and dull red-orange hues in a swath of fairly featureless color, perhaps like the sunrises witnessed after a great wildfire or volcano eruption. Unfortunately, by the time I got myself half-dressed and went hauling outside to stand under my umbrella and get a photo, the color had brightened and shifted to a paler orange. Still, it was incredible.

     I'm so proud of my mom--she did her first apheresis platelet donation today! *applauds*

     And, I finally finished my 'On the Training and Use of Power Among the Races' essay today! At last, at 24,000 words, I have reached the end and it shall remain the end, no matter how the things I left out clamor in my skull. Hopefully getting all that disgorged from its decade-plus residence in my head will free up more brain space for stories and books progress!
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On August 28th, 2008 09:22 am (UTC), saiena commented:
Pretty, pretty. That sunrise sounds utterly stunning. Not that I'm jealous... no, not at all *sniffs*

Good for your mom! That's great.

And congrats on finishing the essay.
On August 28th, 2008 03:03 pm (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
I was still too asleep. =P When that happens again (yeah, right) I'll have to try to take a movie so I can isolate a frame with lightening in it. It was just dull and grey for my walk to the bus stop, but I did get to see some impressive purple-tinged lightning (and ponder the wisdom of the umbrella I was holding up!)

Couldn't pass up the chance for some bragging. ;)

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On August 28th, 2008 11:07 am (UTC), silvanime commented:
Very lovely.

Goodness, 24 000 words. I swear you only started it just the other week. How you manage to get it out so quickly is beyond me.

I hope the rest of the week goes smoothly too.
On August 28th, 2008 03:06 pm (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
It really was incredible.

Didn't start quite that recently! Essays are easier for me than stories because I'm just regurgitating information (and don't have to worry about a grade either!) and the only thing that slows me down is the research I do as I go along.

Me too, or at least more smoothly than last night. =P (Hours of thunderstorms and a little closet flooding)
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On August 29th, 2008 02:30 am (UTC), silvanime replied:
Eeek, flooding! *beckons thunderstorms to the southern hemisphere*

Time seems to be getting away from me, I'm afraid. What's next on the list now that the Races essay is done?
On August 29th, 2008 11:33 am (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
Looking good and stormless for the next few days, thankfully. =)

Right now I'm slowly assembling the lunar calendar for the novella I want to write this autumn: 'The Great Wave.' It's very tedious getting the lunar dates overlaid on the moon images in Photoshop Elements, so if I do about four months a day, split between morning and evening, I won't drive myself around the bend! (I'm doing the whole year since I got myself in trouble with 'Nothing Gold can Stay' because I only did half a year and the closing scene wound up being later than that.)

I also really need to quit procrastinating on editing 'Reunion' and getting it up, as I've been dragging my feet all month. =P
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On August 29th, 2008 11:43 pm (UTC), silvanime replied:
Ooo... new novella! Looking forward to reading that one. Definitely sounds like you're keeping busy.
On August 30th, 2008 01:35 am (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:

I'm too good at the latter, perhaps, but since it's supposed to be quite hot this whole holiday weekend, I won't be kicking off the autumn writing season too soon. =P
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On August 28th, 2008 06:51 pm (UTC), brezzydal commented:
The sunrise sounds wonderful. What a treat.
Thanks for the mention. You are the one who motivate me to do it.

Good work on finishing your Races essay. Sound like you did a thorough job.
On August 28th, 2008 11:14 pm (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
I wish I'd had more time for gawking but I didn't want to be late for the bus.

Thank you!

Not as thorough as I could have been, but I didn't want it to turn into a book! Thanks!
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(Deleted comment)
On August 29th, 2008 07:07 pm (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
*hugs back*

Thanks! =D