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Hump-day happiness!

     The sunrise this morning was simply incredible. It was a dark sunrise, as though it took place in the middle of the night, or the sun had been turned down with a dimmer switch. That was because it was raining, and there was lightning flickering across the sky even while the clouds were eerily underlit with purple-red and dull red-orange hues in a swath of fairly featureless color, perhaps like the sunrises witnessed after a great wildfire or volcano eruption. Unfortunately, by the time I got myself half-dressed and went hauling outside to stand under my umbrella and get a photo, the color had brightened and shifted to a paler orange. Still, it was incredible.

     I'm so proud of my mom--she did her first apheresis platelet donation today! *applauds*

     And, I finally finished my 'On the Training and Use of Power Among the Races' essay today! At last, at 24,000 words, I have reached the end and it shall remain the end, no matter how the things I left out clamor in my skull. Hopefully getting all that disgorged from its decade-plus residence in my head will free up more brain space for stories and books progress!
Tags: essay: patr, photos, skyscapes
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