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Life can be so weird and wonderful!

     I'll start with the wonderful. I'd mentioned about a week ago that I bought myself a cd when I was at the State Fair. Well, turns out I got oh so much more for a semi-impulsive buy than I could have ever imagined. What a blessing! The ninth track caught my attention the second time I heard the cd, and by the time I listened to it on Saturday, I knew I had finally found Geren's song. Simply wonderful to have found it at last, and what delicious timing too, as it was September of 1993 that I first drew Geren--just about exactly on the 15-year mark! I've been stuffing myself with listening to various renditions on-line, and I updated my characters music post I did for Shanra a couple of years ago accordingly. What a huge, huge blessing! =D

     And then there's the just plain weird. This morning, I glanced in the cat room and noticed Shado in an odd hunched pose, as if he'd been velcroed to the side of the cat tower. Caught a glimpse of a shadow against the window, and looked outside to see...a wild turkey! Couldn't believe my eyes for a moment--there's no end of good turkey habitat on the other side of the highway, but I'd have never dreamed of seeing them on my side of town. Went pelting over to get my camera, and used the zoom to get a shot of him but when I got closer to the window, he caught sight of me--they ALL caught sight of me; apparently there were FIVE wild turkeys poking around in the gravel by my windows. The sun-glare off the window glass and screen and into the camera made for some pretty cruddy shots, but at least I got one as they all bustled out of the yard and around the corner. Just incredible! I think the only local animals that would have startled me more would be a fox or a pheasant. They looked like a batch of young'uns born this year, though I didn't get enough of a glimpse to see if a parent was with them.

What a weekend! =)
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