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Some very disparate gratitudes:

     First and foremost, Beth! Consider yourself thoroughly glomped, my dear, and squeezed until your ribs groan and you can't breathe. ;D Eeee! She gave me the most wonderful start to September and the autumn by rereading 'Hu-Hov's Debut,' 'The Final Circuit,' 'Master-Stone's Warder,' and also reading 'Pranks,' 'alternate,' and most wonderfully, 'Vigil'--all in ONE day! Eeee, I says again! What a treat, what a delightful treat! (I only took so long at answering them because I was determined to not let anything keep from procrastinating on finishing 'Reunion' editing yesterday. Thank goodness that story is now behind me.)

     On a very different note...
Protesters attacked delegates, smashed windows, punctured car tires and threw bottles Monday, a violent counterpoint to an otherwise peaceful anti-war march at the Republican National Convention. Police wielding pepper spray arrested at least 284 people.

Me, my employer, and the city of St. Paul have been bracing/preparing for the RNC (Republican National Convention) for at least six months. Tonight I have much to be grateful for--
* Being on the Safety Committee meant I knew of the great ends to which my employer was going to keep us safe this week.
* The first day of the RNC was Monday, which was a holiday; so no work, no need to get anywhere near the city.
* Everybody else in my area got to bolt the city early; I was the only one who couldn't do so, since my earliest bus leaves after 4 pm.
* I'd gotten nervous upon getting to work this morning to learn that today's protest demonstration was slated for Mears Park at 4 pm--'my' side of the city, and something my bus would have to drive right next to.
* The city was swimming with local cops, out of city cops, SWAT team, National Guard, Secret Service, plainclothes and otherwise FBI--and the park looked like it was under siege. The bus got out without incident, and I got some fun photos on the way.

Another silver lining--my boss is letting us wear jeans for the remaining two days of the convention! (For increased comfort and safety--so we're not taken for delegates and have buckets of urine or other unpleasantries lobbed at us, like happened to some unfortunates delegates on Monday) And she let Corey leave early and get paid as if he hadn't (I could have too, if I had transportation) I LOVE her!
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