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Today I'm grateful for:

     The weather! It only got to the mid 60's today, (18 C) and it's supposed to be staying below-average for the rest of the week, with deliciously cool nights. EEEEEEEE!!!

     The fun oddities of the RNC; in this case, my coworker Shelley spotting the Governor of Minnesota in the McDonald's in our building with a half-dozen-plus guards. I was a trifle startled he wanted to have breakfast at McDonald's, of all places! (Though I love their cinnamon rolls!)

     The didn't-happen could-have-beens of the RNC, as in the story I read just now about a 23-year-old who made himself five Molatov cocktails and was working on more, but thank God he got arrested well before he could chuck them around at the convention.

     Also very grateful that tonight was the quietest for protesters and arrests yet. Only Thursday, the 'grand finale,' remains, and then it's OVER!
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