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I was a bit disgruntled of late, because very close to quitting time on Friday, we got a heap of work in and Jodi made a call for overtime. Between late notice, people out, and people sick, it wound up being me and Dawn that were the only ones available. I had a lot planned for this weekend (including relaxing and fun stuff) so I was far from delighted about the turn of events.

     Got to work at 1:00 to find a message on my voice-mail from my boss. Turns out the work we'd gotten was a side-effect of something else, and it had no priority at all. So I wound up just staying for a mere two hours to clean up other stuff that was due Tuesday, then left.

     And driving back along the Mississippi River, I spotted a Bald Eagle just coasting along the ridge, going south like I was, hardly even beating its wings. Wonderful!

     And a blessing as well. If I'd left any other time, or not gone at all, I would have missed it.
Tags: birds: eagles, job: work
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