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This weekend has been magnificent:

     The weather has just kept staying at early October temps, and the nights have been deliciously cool, so I've enjoyed two nights in a row of exquisite sleep in my own bed. Ahhhhhh...

     Had fun earlier with a Color IQ test that somebody brought up on the Windstone Forum. Scored a '4' when I did it on my work monitor Friday, and was happy to score a perfect '0' when I did it yesterday on my home monitor. Colors are fun!

     Happy to have a breakthrough with 'The Secrets of Fynydov' while I was lying in bed some mornings back. Presenting it in a different way than I'd originally thought I was stuck with will make it easier to write, more fun, and more interestingly linked with 'Shadowe' and even 'Vigil,' in a sense.

     My dad called yesterday since he'd gotten the birthday gift I sent him, and as always he asked after the progress of book 4. I got him laughing when he asked if I had an estimate as to when I would have it finished, and I said 'Ask God,' in a very dry tone. That's best since I'm way past all my prior estimates! But I'm glad he's still ready and raring for the story, though he's been waiting over four years now.

     Finally, I'm happy that I satisfied myself with the picture I finished yesterday--trying to convey part of the 'vision' I have when I hear Geren's song. It falls short because it's 2-d and static where my vision is immersive and moving, but I'm very happy with how the depiction came out. (I can e-mail it to anyone interested.)

     Hurrah for cool weather and my first hot cereal breakfast in months!
Tags: art, book 4: other, secrets of fynydov
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