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A bunch of 'yummies' lately:

     Took Arun to the vet for his follow-up appointment Tuesday after work, and things are looking better. His leg has healed fairly well, he was able to get his booster shot, and hopefully he can start regaining weight, since he was hardly eating his second week on the medication, and he felt like a sack of bones by the end of it. I'm glad the cool weather has started stimulating both cats' appetites.

     Very happy I got Shanra's gift-story done just in time for her birthday, which entailed writing on my lunchbreak at work Tuesday (first time ever) and writing over my dinner at home (second time ever). But I made it--and I'm very happy the idea came to me this summer and that I got it down now, because between 'Bookcase' and 'Hened Ascendent' I have the background I need to feel comfortable tackling 'Heritage,' which I hope to write sometime before summer of 2009. I also need to scold myself for how many Hened-pov pieces I'm starting to amass! ('Heritage' will be number 5.)

     A delightful surprise as I was about to leave work today. My boss called me over and informed me that those people who worked regular hours during the RNC past 3 pm Tue/Wed and 1 pm Fri will get paid overtime. Wow! 4-5 hours of overtime pay coming my way just for 'staying at my post.' What a delightful treat!
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