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Saturday was lovely:

     For starters, I succeeded in tracking down (nearly) what instrument it was in my 'Geren's Song' that so reminds me of his voice. It actually IS a panpipe/siku/zampoña, but it's a big deep one rather than the more common small ones. I'm not sure precisely which variation in size it is, since the sound-clip of the Sanka or Zanka sounds a trifle too high, whereas the deepest instrument, the Toyo, sounds a little too low! (the longest pipe of the Toyo can be four feet! (1.2 m)) But I know it's one of those instruments, and I learned about that rough/husky/reedy quality to the sound, which isn't found in European panpipes. Yummy!

     I was making wonderful progress on 'Secrets' around 1 pm, moving at full speed which doesn't happen too often, when I was interrupted by the phone ringing. Stomped off growling under my breath--and quite forgot about the phone when I looked out the living room window. THE TURKEYS WERE BACK! Six of them, and I had a blast taking gobs of photos and a movie as well, until they wandered off out of my sight.

first shot
(I love the one standing on the minivan!)

second shot

third shot

fourth shot

     I had fun posting those photos up in the birdlovers LJ community and over at the Windstone Forum and answering comments throughout the day. But after I'd gotten the posts up and was going to watch a dvd (as my writing focus had been utterly shattered) I happened to look out the cat room window--and they were back! Took more pictures and got some silhouettes of the cats as well. When Arun jumped up onto the window-sill, the turkeys all bolted back about 3 feet/1 meter but then settled down pretty quickly. Watching the rather casual way my cats and the turkeys watched each other after that point gave me the strong feeling that I've been missing out on a bit of interaction while I was at work. Shado wasn't tense like the first time I saw the turkeys, and the turkeys weren't very bothered by me either--I guess they might be used to the neighbors upstairs watching them.

     What a fun day!
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