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Thank God for providence!

     Said providence being when I got up this find that the clipboard on the side of my computer hutch had fallen to the floor, after eight-plus years of staying put (and my forgetting its existence for the bulk of the last four). In the clipboard: the lunar calendar month print-outs for book 4 that I couldn't remember where I'd put (my memory is nowhere near what it was before the major depression of last year) and that I'd been expecting I'd have to ransack my apartment in search of for an indeterminate amount of time today. Wow! =D

     Today's a wonderful day: I got the ball rolling with book 4 writing again, after a hiatus of four and a half months. Yippee, yippee, yippee!!

     Annnnd, in case that wasn't enough, today's writing session put me over the 100,000 word mark for 2008 writing year-to-date. YEEHAW!!!

     Off to celebrate by breaking out the first bottle of Trader Joe's Spicy Cider for the autumn and scarfing some mozzerella sticks--assuming I can get my feet back on the ground! =D
Tags: book 4: other, book 4: writing, mozzerella sticks, spicy cider
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