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The good stuff:

     Farmer's Market goodies of corn on the cob and fresh green beans, which were about the only things I ate for a few nights during this wretchedly warm week. Yum, yum, yum!

     Reading 'The Secrets of Fynydov' off LJ on my lunch break Thursday to discover a couple spots of poor wording--then while fixing those at home in the evening, finding a pair of out-and-out spelling errors! Makes me grateful nobody has read it yet, or I might have had to flog myself!

     Slow but steady writing progress on book 4 throughout the week, bringing me to the end of chapter 25 tonight! (The distractions during the week were numerous and rather amusing: crushing 9-hour headache Monday, need to sprint to the toilet Tuesday, phone call and an overly-attentive mosquito Friday, not to mention my cats throughout!)

     On top of that, been having lots of fun with the writing tracker I scrounged up off the internet last Sunday and now keep on my main LJ bio page to update at least twice a day. I like that I can switch it between productive/sleeping/wasting-time-on-tv/frustrated, etc. Too much fun!

Tags: book 4: writing, farmer's market, secrets of fynydov
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