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Back at work and grateful for:

     The fact that I got all of book 4, chapter 26 written during my three-day weekend. Yippee!

     The comfort of editing. This last bit of book 4 writing has had me feeling like the Tin Man, spraying rust all over the place with every moment. The stuff I'm putting down feels so clumsy and inept...but then, that was how I felt about most of chapters 19-24, and for that matter, the first chapter of this interminable book gave me more trouble than any other I've written. I'm grateful that editing and revising means I can pound on what I've written whenever I see fit, rather than throttling myself in the trap of thinking it has to be flawless from the moment it appears on the page. What a relief. =)

     I'm also going to have plenty of opportunity to laugh at myself this week. I can't get rolling with book 4, chapter 27 until I do some research. I've known about needing to do this research for a long time, and have been emphatically procrastinating on it for...oh, about six years now, give or take a year or so! So this is the week in which my feet-dragging finally gets to bite me. That's just how it works, and I just have to laugh at my own bad habits--when it comes to researching really nasty stuff, I simply can't get myself to do it until I must.

     The nights are wonderfully chilly and the days are cool again--autumn is here at last!
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