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Much to be grateful for:

     I took a look through my journals, and the last time I had a Joe-blo ordinary cold was in April of 2006. Two-and-a-half years-isn't bad at all--certainly no grounds for complaint.

     I'm also grateful for better-than-expected sleep, since the worst part of colds for me is the feeling-like-I-can't-breathe messing the nights up. But my nights haven't been bad at all, thankfully.

     A fantastic rainbow Tuesday night at sunset. It wasn't tremendously bright, but it was huge, so high in the sky with the sun so low and perfect from one end to the other. What a treasure!

     My triumph despite my cold in writing in and finishing chapter 27 between Monday and Tuesday evening. Lying down for a while after dinner each night and reading/resting helped me muster up the energy. Yay! Now I feel like I'm back on schedule and I've the rest of the week to relax, edit, and focus on other things.

     Cute Overload is love. They've had a few priceless ones lately, but the puppy barnacle is about as much as I can handle!
Tags: book 4: writing, rainbows
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