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Grateful for pleasant distractions as the last hours of screwing-up-courage dwindle away...

     On Wednesday, a kid in the daycare center play-yard punted a ball up, up, and onto the first-floor roof, which we can see from our sixth-floor location. So of course my coworker Dawn had to turn it into a guessing-game competition: how long before that ball got removed from the roof? It was amusing having people checking on its status throughout the day, and the charge for the window Thursday morning to find it gone (and the subsequent argument over who won).

     They're going absolutely crazy with the tree planting around town this week! A whole row is going up along the sidewalk near the train tracks, and some of them are ginkgos! *squee* I can't help but think that maybe Bailey Nurseries is doing some donating to benefit the community, because these trees are not small, and there are quite a lot of them!

     United Way fundraiser season means Jeans Stickers, yeah! (Buy them in order to wear jeans to work). Loads of chatter in our area Friday, because I spotted another department selling them for $10 a sticker. As we can buy them for $2 a sticker, a certain level of entertainingly subversive plotting was inevitable...

     Gearing up for a movie and junk food binge night tonight. I realized celebrating after chapters 28/29 would be awful--just thinking about it makes me sick. So I'm celebrating just getting to this point, since I'll only be miserable on the back end. Mozzerella sticks, here I comes!
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