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Today was a long-awaited day:

     Well, technically the anniversary was yesterday, but I chose Friday as the day to celebrate my 10th service anniversary at work. Wow, 10 years already. Didn't help when my coworker Corey told me he was 12 years old when I started my job!

     But really, I've been looking forward to this for a long time. Not just for the fun of a party with punch and coffee and cookies and brownies, or that I do NOT have to make a speech at it, either.

     And it was a treat to get a beautiful flower arrangement from my boss. And a bag of 3-way popcorn from Dawn (don't ask how much of it I've already eaten ;) and going out to lunch next week with Shelley and Kathy, nor can I forget the stack of work from Kyle!

     Most of all, the reason I've been looking forward to this date for so long is because of the $100 gift certificate that comes with it. (5 years brings a pen set, whoopee.) I had my choice picked out months in advance--spending spree at Borders, here I come!

     But actually, once the final certificate arrives in my mailbox, I don't plan to use it until November 17, since I want to get Wall-E when it comes out on DVD. I've waited 10 years already, what's another month! =)

I am sure looking forward to it...and I can't believe it's already been a full decade.

(edited 10/18/2008 to add link to flowers photo)
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