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Not a productive day today, but certainly a good one:

     And the reason it's good is that I had an apheresis donation scheduled for 11:00 am...AND I SUCCEEDED!!11!!!!1!!! My iron was high enough, thankfully--and though the nurse had a little trouble with my left arm again and had to jab a couple times, this time they got the vein and everything went well. YAY! My appetite shriveled up and blew away and I felt quite beat for the rest of the day, but it's completely worth it. Success at last!

     Also glad for that appointment because the drive over there, even through it was through suburbia/city, was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Definitely the peak of autumn color here, and I sure wish I could've had Geren in the car with me. He'd have absolutely loved it. =)

     Last but not least, more fun with Arthur C Clark's short stories. Turns out we have a thing in common--a fascination with the fourth spatial dimension. Today I read a short story that take the implications of an 180 degree turn in the 4th dimenion right on down to the biochemical level! [insert squeeing and squealing here] I'd never thought of such a thing below the cellular level (my brain having allergy issues with chemistry ;), now my brain is having fun pondering genetic fiascoes induced by a 4-dimensional twist. Eeee!
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