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The weekend felt just a day in length, way too fast, but Sunday was a blessing.

     I'm glad the weather forecasters were wrong! They'd said cloudy all day, then mostly cloudy, but it wound up being sunnier in the afternoon than that.

     Around noon was when I went out to Afton State Park, which is about 12 miles almost due east of me. Spent 3 hours there and walked about 7 miles (11.2 km). My feet are sure sore today, but it was worth it--such gorgeous colors and the peak of autumn's splendor. Even though I've been to that state park more than any other, there are still trails that are new to me, and one of the most gorgeous portions of the hike was in the deepest, least-trammeled portion of the park where I'd never gone before. Fantastic!

     Photos really don't do it justice, particularly those at the beginning of the hike when it was pretty cloudy, but you can see 10 I uploaded, the bottom two rows here.

     Also happy to have verbal edits of book 4 chapters 25-27 behind me and those chapters ready for the ARG!. Now I can focus on editing 28-29, more tweaking of my outline, and getting ready to start on chapter 30, any day now. =)

     The flowers my boss gave me are looking great today--a bunch of the lilies opened over the weekend. What a treat to find waiting on my desk!

     A four-day workweek and a four-day weekend beyond it, yippee!
Tags: book 4: editing, flowers, photos
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