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Art and egg rolls and money, oh my...

     But first, a big warm THANK YOU to those who commented on my Tuesday dilemma post. Your thoughts and suggestions have given me different angles from which to ponder those two problems. Thank you! *glomps*

     I've been feeling simply ghastly since my walk on Sunday, so I am very grateful that Thursday is 'Friday' for me, with a four-day weekend coming up. Hopefully I can get something done with it!

     After blowing it twice, Tuesday brought the treat of being fast enough to sign up for one of nambroth's roulette commissions. Yay for LJ having the feature of sending an e-mail when somebody posts--because those slots filled up in little over an hour, and I was far too slow the first times.

     Tuesday also brought an end to months of waiting to find out what my medical costs would be in 2009, and what a mess it would make of my budget. So I was immensely relieved and grateful to learn that between medical and dental, my costs are only going up $4.25 a month. Thank God! Now the only thing hanging over me is now much the second round of bus fare increases in 4 months is going to go up in January.

     Our department banded together with others to do a chili cook-off/bake sale/theme basket raffle as part of the company United Way fundraiser. I'm glad I decided to head over early for my lunch--because Sarin's 'best egg rolls in the world' sold out in less than 20 minutes and I got some of the last of them! 58 egg rolls in 20 minutes, all based on testimonials from last year and personal experience. She's going to have to make a lot more next year or there might be violence! ;D
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