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I'd rather be reading, but it looks like the only way I'm going to fit posting into my schedule these days is to do it on lunch break...

     I am in delight over the gas prices still! It was 1.91.9 at the gas station lately, and I want to pinch myself. I had thought I might never see gas below $2 gallon again. Never mind I shouldn't need to refill until December, I'm still rejoicing!

     Happiness is a comment from my lovely sister-in-law on 'Bookcase' when she's busy packing, cleaning, painting, etc to move. =) Wish I could be there packing too!

     The eleventh day of the eleventh month is always a loverly thing...and only a week to go until Wall-E comes out and I get to spend my $100 gift certificate!
Tags: beside the bookcase, gas
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